I just got home from playing board games in the park and received a email from my City Councillor telling me that Sovedia Ensemble are playing a charity concert in Coventry on the 18th September. Below is a concert played at the British Museum in aid of oppressed minorities in Iran, the Coventry event will be to benefit Afghan refugees.

The group performs Persian traditional music with rhythms and warm sounds that you will never have heard before and has been organised by Cllr Mattie Heaven and Cllr Barbara Mosterman who are members. This is a special benefit concert with all proceeds going to the Afghan Refugees.

A charity concert from Soveida Ensemble on 18th September from 7:30 to 8:30om

I think that this event gets me on two levels. First, on this blog I am a ‘culture vulture’ who is fascinated with people, their societies and sharing that. On another level, and in a different life, I am a historian and Soveida Ensemble use rhythms that have been culturally relevant for thousands of years. To hear music that has been important and relevant to a society that reaches far into the past and was touched by Alexander amazes me. That it is accessible to us today is wonderful and I for one will be taking advantage of this great opportunity.

To register go to www.CharityConcert2021.eventbrite.co.uk. Reservations are needed due to limited space. If you have any issues using the Eventbrite link you can make a reservation by replying to mattieheaven2020@gmail.com with your name and guest names.

Please note that this is not a paid post, I have not been offered or would accept any payment to advertise a benefit concert for refugees. Please consider going or sharing this post to advertise the event.

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