This is obviously my work so I will be trying to make money from this platform.  I will always be upfront, transparent and honest with you.

  • There is advertising on this site which will generate me an income.
  • If I review a book or product there will be an amazon link from which I might earn commission.
  • If I sell anything it will be through eBay to ensure that all taxes are paid and commission earned appropriately.  Jack will also donate to a charity via eBay.
  • If you would like to support my work you can do so via patreon.  Please do because it really helps.
  • If you support me by buying books from my Amazon wish list I will thank you in the review and link to a business or charity of your choice.  My only proviso is that that business or charity be in line with my values.
  • If I review a book, product or service it will be because I have bought it.  If its a gift with a request for a review this will be clearly stated in the text.
  • I like to catch people doing well and doing the right thing.  If I do not enjoy a product, service or book I will return it and not produce either a bad review or a dishonest review.

My Philosophy

Philosophically I am a liberal humanist with a libertarian outlook. I believe that the more social, the stronger our relationships and the greater we are engaged with each other and in each others lives the better our lives and the stronger our society.

When I say relationships I do not just mean with our modern peers but also across time as well. We are a blessed generation with access and the means to read the work of past generations. We can do so and have our nature nourished by the wisdom of thousands of years of thought, culture and imagination.

Our History

I am very proud to be a graduate of the University of Wales where I studied History and Victorian Studies. As a mystic I found Wales very moving and loved walking in the hills and mountains.

After university I worked with long term unemployed and heroin addicts. I taught life skills and job search strategies.

Throughout my time I have retained an interest in the arts, culture and museums.

Contact Us

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