As I am sure you all know England is in Corona lockdown which means I have lots of time to tackle my enormous reading pile. One doesn’t want to boast but it is staggeringly large.

I have recently been drawn back to my Orwell and am haunted by the fact I have just not been writing enough about him or Nineteen Eighty Four. I have it on audiobook and I listened to it again the other night. There is so much in it that I would like to comment on so I think that will be my special mission for the coming twelve weeks.

I am also drawn to my Narnia books particularly The Silver Chair. I do not think that this is the most memorable but I do think it is one of the best. One certainly can not accuse Lewis of having just positive characters in the lead. Eustace and Polly are dreadful to each other and I feel far more realistic than any other Narnian character.

Finally I am toying with another read through of Lord of the Rings. I am involved with the Tolkien reading group in Coventry and we are nearing the end of the last book after three years of effort. It has been useful and certainly opened my eyes to an number of features that I have missed.

So I will leave you now because I am going to go and paint some of my toy soldiers. I have a very successful Instragram that needs some of my material on it to take it to the next level. Stay safe and good fortune.

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