I think it is probably quite obvious that I have a number of interests. I run a blog about history, one about my particular type of Christianity and one about management. Am I qualified, yes I am. Most of my interests are backed up with serious academic qualifications which I am very proud of. One thing I am very keen on is catching people doing well and doing an excellent job. So in the spirit of #nicolamurry from #inthethickofit I am going to celebrate people doing their job well and apparently without thanks or praise. The “Quiet Batpeople”

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Here is the thing. I have had many low paid and low status jobs in my life which have been customer facing and pretty awful. On one occasion a woman shouted in my face that I was completely lacking in empathy on the day that I came to work in a museum whilst I knew but hoped against hope that my child was dying. In other jobs I’ve been the lighting conductor for any chump who has been having a bad day to have a good shout at and in my view that is the most despicable of men, to shout at someone who is not allowed professionally to shout back. The one thing I did learn working at a petrol station on the M6 is that calling someone “Sir” in England does not usually mean that they deserve it or that you mean it. In fact one guy, who I roundly abuse, is a guy I would die in a ditch for.

Don’t worry Chris I will not embarrass you and tell the world what a lovely guy you are. I will not mention that love your little boy with a passion that I can only dream of emulating, are true to your friends or that you have worked so hard at your job you’ve earnt the respect and admiration of your friends and colleagues the old fashioned way. The #NHS in particular and @UHCW in particular are very lucky to have you.

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Hello, I am the author of HistoryTalker, Jack Russell and a couple of others. I hope you enjoy my work.

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