I know that this one seems a little bit commercial but todays “Quiet Bat People” see here for the, reference, is Sainsburys. Now at this point I do need to say all the boring things that this is not a paid for post and that I have had nothing for this from the company. I am writing this because I think they have done something good and I want to celebrate that.

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

I was walking through my local Sainsburys last week like Diongenes. Diongenes was a famous Greek philosopher who lived in a barrel, insulted Alexander the Great (and lived) but most importantly loved going to the marketplace and looking at all the things he did not need. Now this is important because he like us lived in a materialistic age with waremongers trying to bubble us out of our hard earnt cash for trinkets. I bet the marketing people at Sainsburys are loving reading this so far. Well as I wandered, lonely as a reluctant consumer I came across something I did need, a new Soda Stream CO2 bottle.

Now the cool thing about Soda Stream is that you can have fizzy water, my favourite, without polluting the planet with loads of plastic bottles. Sometimes you have to just “Walk Away from Omelas” and if my love for fizzy translates into death and a legacy of pollution and desolation then I will not drink fizzy. But then with Soda Stream I can have my fizzy in reusable bottles and that is at least a step forwards. As a Christian I am well aware of the role of the devil as accuser and very soon he was well at work pointing out all the CO2 canisters sent off for an unknowable fate at the hands of Coventry City Council. This is why Sainsburys gets on my list of good guys (and gals) because if you look carefully at the picture… do not worry, I will blow it up for you.

Okay so that does not really help, that is because I am writing this at late o’clock and I have not read my “How do edit pictures for dummies” book yet. The point is that Sainsburys is offering to exchange CO2 canisters when you buy a new one. That is brilliant, like glass milk bottles!

Well done Sainsburys, have fifty house points.

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